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Diversified Educational Foundation

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A Michigan-based non-profit corporation

Tax ID (501(c)(3)): 26-1265335

Life-changing education for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Who We Are

Diversified Educational Foundation, also known as DEF, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that partners with NGOs in Bangladesh. DEF offers a comprehensive and effective approach towards helping orphans and impoverished children break the recurrent cycle of poverty and illiteracy through education.

$525 supports an orphan for a year for his educational, food, boarding, medical and clothing needs. The effects of poverty and the deprivation of basic human needs on young children are devastating. We are dedicated to providing them with an unwavering, cherishing, and enriching environment to help create better futures.

What We Do

DEF provides shelter and security for groups of orphans, poor children, and young adults in Bangladesh. We provide opportunities for education and training so our youth can reclaim their human dignity and become productive members of society.

DEF assists educational institutions and schools in Bangladesh that provide primary and secondary education to orphans, indigent children, and impoverished young adults. These institutions teach students curriculum established by the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh. DEF also facilitates the exchange of ideas with resourceful entities in and outside of Bangladesh.

DEF provides housing and food for those orphans and poor who might be homeless; medical attention for orphans and poor who would never visit a doctor; and clothing for orphans and poor who might be wandering around in tattered clothes.

DEF provides scholarships for those who would never dream of attending a university and assists with providing occupational training for others based on their interests and aptitudes.

DEF assists in providing a humane, tolerant and moral environment for the students so that these youth can grow up as ethical, caring, socially and morally responsible, productive, dignified members of humanity at large.

Lastly, DEF assists and meets any unforeseen needs of the students which may arise. In early 2019, we purchased two 5-story adjacent buildings in the center of Sirajgonj, located close to all good public schools in the city. This 24,000 square foot facility will provide space for accommodations for over 100 students and resident teachers and house a prayer room, library room, computer lab, and more.

DEF works in concert with another non-profit organization in Bangladesh, the Manab Kalyan Foundation (MKF), which is a registered NGO by the government of Bangladesh. MKF has similar aims and objectives to DEF and does not violate any operating principles established by DEF. The institutions receiving assistance from DEF are non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian organizations.

$525 supports one orphan for a year. DEF operates with no overhead costs. 100% of funds raised are used on DEF projects. Please give generously.

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Make check out to: Diversified Educational Foundation
P.O. Box 1453, Novi, MI 48376
Tax ID (501(c)(3)): 26-1265335

Students’ Wish List:

  • Backpacks
  • Academic Books (Grade I To XII [Class 1 To 12])
  • Literature and Novels
  • Shoes For School/Sports
  • Indoor games (ex. carrom board and chess)
  • Outdoor sports equipment (ex. badminton, volley balls, soccer balls (footballs), cricket bats)

Read letters from DEF youth where they write about their hopes and dreams.

Learn more about DEF in our annual newsletter.

Ramadan Mubarak.

Announcement from the Board (August 2015)

With immense sadness we inform that our beloved Br. Anwarul Islam, the founding president of Diversified Educational Foundation (DEF), has breathed his last on the 27th July, 2015. [Inna Lillahi wa inna Elahir rajiun. To Allah we belong and to Him we return]. While we continue to pray to Allah to elevate his rank and grant him highest place in Jannat-ul-Firdaus, we pledge to continue supporting this great effort of DEF that is master-minded, nourished and cherished by him. We know he will be a beneficiary of this continuous charity through the work of DEF. We are more committed to DEF now than before, in continuing the support for the education, food, shelter, medicine and other everyday life necessities of the orphans and the poor children of Bangladesh. May Allah help us all to move forward in fulfilling this noble endeavor. 

Board of Directors & Advisors

  • Abdul Malek Khan, President
  • Sajjadur Rahman Quabili, Vice President
  • Morshed Mehedi, Secretary
  • Shafiqul Islam, Treasurer
  • Mohammad Amanullah
  • Monowar Zahir
  • Moududur Rahman
  • Legal Advisor: Namira Islam

Send Us a Message

Email us at info@diversifiededucation.org or use the form below. You can call us at +1 (248) 962-3772.

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